Art Work



Vector based art:

Common file extensions: (.ai) (.eps) (.cdr)

*When submitting vector based artwork  remember to convert curves or create outlines of any type.  You can also include the actual font file(s) when sending your art.

Raster or Bitmap:

Common file extensions: (.psd) (.tif) (.jpg) (.gig) (.png)

*When submitting rastor or bitmap images, submit at 150 to 300 dpi, and “Actual Size”.


These are only close representation of our ink colors.


You can request a specific font or leave the font choice up to us.

Free Website:

On this site you can type a phrase in the “Custom Preview”  and see that phrase in all the available fonts. You can change font style by choosing a font theme ( example: Fancy ) and then choosing a font style ( example: Groovy or Western ).